The miraculous events that occur while being hunted down by 'ravenous psychotics', and being taken to a demented party create a strange connection with rice that Octavius never expected.

When asked to explain himself, however, Octavius finds that his audience may be less sympathetic than anticipated.

"White Rice" Made it's official premier in November of 2011 as an official selection of the Big Apple Film Festival.

Written and Directed by: Ben Holbrook
Shot and Cut by: Nick DeGrazia
Produced by: Alyssa Renzi and Ben Holbrook
Music By: Jonah Kue
Starring: Sterling Hurst and Jesse Presler.

White Rice
Ben Holbrook:
Nick DeGrazia:
Jonah Kue:
Sterling Hurst:

Filmed in Nov 2010 using a Canon 5d mark ii

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