The more I live life, the more life seems dreamlike. These are not dreams of fabulous wealth, historical fame, eternal life. But dreams of living an existence closest to one’s purpose, realizing why one would come to this place, remembering the path that brought us here.

As we arise out of dust and light and return to dust and light memories form and after further examination they are no more real that the sensations of life as we are living right now.

Uranus was shot over the year of 2011 during recording sessions, capturing the nature around us as we created "The Planets". The film opens with scenes from U2's 360 Tour concert in Minneapolis. This was my first time seeing the band live, I was surprised how normal-human-sized they were. In this large space, lights and effects synchronized with the music and their movements helped project their presence, but only in theatrical choreography. There were moments of real transcendance, where the individuality dissolves, where the movements were unforced and full of grace, when the whole thing moved as an unconscious whole. In the moments where they could not find unity, there was the electronic stage show to fill in the blank spaces.

In the film, overlayed images and interstitial segments of us over them, and other elements over one another, represent the palimpsest energetic grid that produces the majority of the 3d sense reality as we experience it. While our minds don't generally process information in this manner, our memories and futures are only these packets of potentiality like intertwining strings.

If there were a way to visualize all the elements captured in the film simultaneously blooming as a corolla of multicolored petals. Each would unfold like dense interstate traffic, in all directions, all at once, at the tempo of the weather and the mood of the driver.

"The Planets" now available on iTunes itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-planets/id458452956?uo=4

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