Final project for my cinematography class!

For this one we had to choose a book and interpret a chosen paragraph in the style of our favorite paintings or photographs. After some discussion with friends I chose one from "On The Road" by Jack Kerouac. It's not a literal translation, but I put my own little spin on it :)

“In New York I had been attending school and romancing around with a girl called Lucille, a beautiful Italian honey-haired darling that I actually wanted to marry. All of these years I was looking for the woman I wanted to marry. I couldn’t meet a girl without saying to myself, what kind of wife would she make? I told Dean and Marylou about Lucille. Marylou wanted to know all about Lucille, she wanted to meet her. We zoomed through Richmond, Washington, Baltimore and up to Philadelphia on a winding country road and talked. ‘I want to marry a girl,’ I told them, ‘so I can rest my soul with her till we both get old. This can’t go on all the time – all this franticness and jumping around. We’ve got to go someplace, find something.”

Shot with a 5DMKII, 50mm and 28-135mm lens, each with CPLs. For the driving shots I used my buddies suction car mount from filmtools.

Special thanks to my friends Chris Acker and Taylor Haynes for helping out and acting!

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