A performance art piece by Chanan Delivuk and Bradley Chriss.

A message from Chanan Delivuk and Bradley Chriss:

Dear Public,
How much love can we make in half an hour?
Chanan Delivuk and Bradley Chriss are going to fall in love. They are going to express their love for one another by passing a foot long vegan hotdog between each others lips while muttering their deepest feelings. Bradley and Chanan will be kneeling on a white fake fur rug in front of a massive backdrop adorned with a pink on pink heart shaped theme. Chanan will be dressed in a special wedding dress and Bradley in his wedding suit and bow tie.
The Audience (you my dearest public!) will be standing barefoot on a massive heart shaped floor sculpture made from vegan hotdogs while writing their deepest feelings of love on heart shaped papers and then trading them with one another, sealing their new found love in a moment of incredible privacy suspended in a public forum.
Looking forward to seeing you!

With Love,
Bradley and Chanan
chanandelivuk.com and bradchriss.com

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