★ You will lose your heart to Pingwin – a game simple to control and addictive ★
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We are very proud to announce, that we have received the FWA «Mobile of the Day» Award for «Pingwin-Adventures».

How to play
With every sushi Pingwin eats, he gathers energy for his journey back home. So try to get as much as you can. If he eats a soja-special, then this provides him an extra boost of energy. It’s simple to control: just press on the screen to dive and let go to jump through the air. A crash with an iceberg means loss of precious energy. So be aware!

Please note: This first level is a «warm-up». Further features, complexity factors and levels are planned and coming soon.

The full story
After a mysterious knockout, Pingwin, a South Pole citizen, wakes up all alone and lost at the North Pole! It’s a mystery to him how he got there. With your help he can find back home to the South Pole. But it will be a long and adventurous journey.
So activate the supernatural powers of Pingwin which will help him defy the great dangers on his way home! To be able to swim the exhausting distance from the North to the South Pole Pingwin needs enough food. So help him find it! Watch out: every crash with an iceberg means precious loss of energy.

The naming of Pingwin
Pingwin actually means penguin in polish. These species (which only occur in coastal zones) inhabit cold seas in the southern hemisphere.

This free version of «Pingwin-Adventures» contains the following features:

★ Easy and intuitive single-tap control of the penguin

★ Levels can be played either as time trial or in survival mode
★ Soya-specials provide Pingwin a boost of energy

★ The Levels are randomly generated each time you play

★ Game Center connection

The full version of «Pingwin-Adventures» is coming soon. It will contain plenty of exciting and thrilling features. To make sure you won’t miss out on that check our website and subscribe NOW to the newsletter or go to Facebook and LIKE the fanpage:


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