Comedian Bill Santiago's show, "The Funny of (Latin) Dance," taped at various venues in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles.

This the show where standup meets Latin Dance.

Comedian Bill Santiago explores what’s behind the passion every day people have for Latin dance -- be it salsa, tango, merengue, bachata, samba, bolero, danzon, cumbia, quebradita, ranchera, flamenco, reggaeton or any of their infinite varieties. Indulging his own quest to become a better Latin dancer in all styles, despite his limitations, frustrations, mortifications and humiliations, Santiago journeys through the Latin dance multi-verse, uncovering the secrets, histories, fun facts and unique virtues of the individual dances. And he does it by actually dancing with people from the audience.

Santiago's comedic monologue about his experiences, observations and journey through the hilarious world of Latin Dance, is interspersed with audience participation segments where people from the crowd volunteer to come up on stage, to dance with, and be interviewed about dance by, Santiago.

It's these hilarious, spontaneous interactions that make every show a completely different experience.

Originally the audience participation segments were conceived to help Santiago improvise new material about Latin dance while actually dancing. But interacting live and unrehearsed with members of the crowd on stage proved to be such a fun part of the show, adding so much energy and vibrancy and making every show so special, audience participation has become a mainstay of the "The Funny of (Latin) Dance."

Hope to see you at the shows!

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