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This a support video and open letter to Julian Assange.

My name is Petite Pointer, I'm a supporter of yours and I started the petition entitled on change.org entitled, "Australian Parliament: Protect Julian Assange from being extradited to U.S." So if you see that, that's me, I started that.

I started the petition after learning that you were rejected from the High Courts in London. I had adrenaline running through my veins, that powerful feeling that kept me up, typing letters and speeches next to doing my schoolwork. I did countless hours of research over the US, Australian and Swedish Law. The result came two things, falling in love with becoming a human rights activist and creating this petition.

The reason I wanted to make this video is let you know that I am not giving up on you. I didn't close down my petition on change.org, I wanted to clarify some things. On the week of Thanksgiving, you send out a tweet stating that you don't want any petitions started on your behalf because they are "inconsequential distraction" and instead ACT, DONATE, ORGANIZE. I guess this is because of the fact that the US government didn't make comment on the Bradley Manning petition on the whitehouse.gov and it was deemed unsuccessful.

The upside to that is a day later, news came out that Bradley Manning had gotten a date for his trial, after 500 and something days; he finally gotten a trial. I think that the petitions including that one and the anniversary of Cablegate might have motivated that. I wanted to tell you that just because one petition that you can make from the government's website or any website doesn't mean that it doesn't work. With change.org, I've been signing petitions ever since the website was created. Unless you are a charity, like say for example Amnesty International, they don't charge or sell email addresses. They have no plans to do so in the future.

So with that, I decided not to close down my petition and do more. Get more involved and do rallies and what not. I hope that with this, I can get more media coverage and gain more supporters. Because over here, we don't hear any news regarding you or Bradley Manning. I feel that this news is more important than the irrelevant and material things that we're used to hearing and seeing everyday.

Two more reasons that I decided not to close down the petition was that after seeing your mother, Christine Assange on Australian News, carrying banners and posters by herself and standing outside the PM's offices by herself; my heart ached.

And last and final reason that I hadn't close the petition down and making this video was after seeing you in last week's Swedish Interview, you looked tired, tired of fighting so long, defending yourself in front of every camera. I just knew that you wanted to break down, and if anything I wanted to come over and give you a hug.

So that is why I haven't close my petition, I don't plan on doing so. I want you to that I am going to do everything in my power to prevent you to coming to the USA or to Sweden. I, amongst every supporter of yours want you to be back home in Australia.

Also, on the behalf of American supporters, I want to apologize for some person who feel that killing you is the option because they disagree with you. I'm sure that my family and their families have told them, it's okay to disagree, if you don't have anything good to say about someone, don't say it all.

Please understand that we American supporters love you, we love the work that you do. If it weren't for that then more abuse would continue.

And to people on Facebook, I ask you, let's not be negative and complain. A fellow human rights activist, Mike Manning, some may know him from the Real World, D.C. Stated that , "Complacency is not an excuse. If you have the mental capacity to complain about something, you have the capacity to change it. " So please to all Facebook and twitter followers, use this philosophy to change the possible worst case scenario. We can be loud with this by signing the petition and create rallies and get media coverage.

I've been working with supporters from the UK and from Australia and currently working on my part over here, getting other supporters of yours and others to make this happen.

I'll do whatever I have to do to fight this, whether it's rallies, donations and whatnot. I AM GOING TO DO WHATEVER I NEED TO, TO FIGHT; so I ask all supporters and others on Facebook and Twitter, sign the petition, write letters and send them both by email and postal to the Swedish and Australian Governments to end this.

Please don't give up, you have shown us that you're the change and light at the end of our tunnel and now it's our turn to be the change and the light at the end of your and people involved in Wikileaks' tunnel.

Once again, I'm Petite Pointer, and I am with you, your supporters are with you, and we say, "Don't Give Up."

Also to viewers: Please look at this videos, copy and paste:
Christine Assange:

And the Swedish Interview that Julian did a week ago, Part I: youtu.be/MeSZugpDZmM

And Part 2:

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