Put on by Indent Studios, (indentstudios.com) and conducted on Dec 10th, 2011, this is part 01 of a 03 part test that examines the Cooke Panchro /i, Luma Tech Super 35 Illuminas, Red Pro Primes, Unique Optics Kenji Suematsu Series, Leica R Cine-Mod, Schneider Cine-Xenar II, & Zeiss Compact Primes v1 & v2. (Everything was shot on the Epic-X camera at 5k Full Frame using 3:1 compression.)

The complete write up, along with downloadable R3D's is available here: ryanewalters.com/Blog/blog.php?id=7418575377215665840

For those of you who watched the blind test, this video is NOT arranged in the same order as the blind test. Here are the answers for test 01:
01- Cooke
02- Illumina
03- Leica
04- Red
05- Schneider
06- Unique
07- Zeiss

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