One of the Houdini tests that I'm working on which involves the use of gas microsolvers to create custom fluid simulations.

In this test, I am mixing the Cd attribute of two clumps of smoke. The result is the red and green smoke mixing together to form a yellowish smoke, as expected from additive color theory. Only white lights are used to light the smoke, so no external sources of colors are present.

Color is emitted into custom color fields based on the color of the emitters (two flat rotating boxes of red and green colors). These color fields are then diffused and advected, which results in the mixing of colors. Velocity of the rotating boxes are injected into the simulation as well to give the smoke some additional push. All these steps were done with the help of Houdini's gas microsolvers.

Reference: Claes, P. (2009). Controlling Fluid Simulations with Custom Fields in Houdini.

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