The Isted Lion , the "most travelled and most reinterpreted " of Danish monuments .The film looks at the dynamism of cultural heritage through the duties assigned to this huge bronze sculpture on its journey across Europe lasting some 150 years. Recently reinstalled in its original site to support new political needs, the Isted lion is again provoking strong emotions and debate. Research by Professor Inge Adriansen, Curator of the Museum Sønderjylland, illustrates how the life of this lion is "a perfect example of a site of memory." She suggests when looking at the reconstruction of heritage , that it is important to consider " who uses it , for what purpose and to suit what agenda,"
CRIC Director, Dr. Marie Louise Stig Sørensen of the University of Cambridge saw the the Isted Lion's return with Professor Inge Adriansen.

For CRIC's DRESDEN RESEARCH PRESENTATION on the reconstruction of the city after the Allied bombing of 1945 and the ongoing remembrance demonstrations go to:


© Film CRIC research project.
© Still Images :Professor Inge Adriansen and Museum Sønderjylland. No reuse without permission.
Interview: Lindy Fleming
Animation: Prosper Unger-Hamilton
The CRIC Research Project is funded by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme.

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