I have been working closely with Mike Posehn from GBS over the last 30 days to integrate MX-2 functionality with his new AutoRamp feature of GBTimelapse (Windows).

I figured it was time to share a sample from my 3rd day to night motion control test captured on 12/15/2011. The sequence was captured during a 2 hour period with interval, bulb, and iso ramping. The MX-2 is triggered via GBTimelapse and a USB relay. The sequence begins with a 0.8 second exposure @ iso 100 and ramps to a final exposure of 17 seconds @ iso 1600. Interval ramping from 10 seconds - 23 seconds. All ramping is handled automatically (after the initial set-up, of course) by GBT's Location Based AutoRamping algorithms.

I'm using an Asus Eee PC ($300) netbook to run GBT. It's light-weight and sports a 6-cell 11 hour battery.

Mike has worked hard to implement the MX-2 control along with several other minor updates that greatly enhance workflow and accuracy. For ramping, the software additionally offers Aperture stepping with accurate reciprocity once you generate lens correction data by calibrating your lens to determine the true light transmission for each stop. You can also use GBT for real-time playback of your moco shot while it's still being captured. Pair that with all the other ramping abilities of the location based AutoRamp and it's a truly unique software package.

Mike and I plan to continue working together on the MX-2 compatibility in the coming months. We're hoping to eliminate the USB relay and offer complete control via a direct USB connection to the MX-2.

I'm also a Little Bramper user, but to be totally honest, GBT has won me over. Great work Mike!


GBS & Dynamic Perception are proud sponsors of MOUNTAINS in MOTION: The Canadian Rockies vimeo.com/upthink/mim

Music by LOVETT

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