Seriously and honestly joshua's letter to eileen really moved my heart. I can feel my eyes start to get watery every time I edit the part where Eileen read out "Together we can do anything, we can change the world.... Eileen come join with me today and everyday my love.."

I didn't put it in the edit but it actually said that they already started their journey changing the world one step at a time from sponsoring a child together. We never really met this couple before. They are from Melbourne and they booked us quiet a while ago but we knew that it was going to be an awesome wedding and a meaningful one. Even more so when we have the talented people from One wedding wish wedding planning to plan and style the whole wedding. I have never seen so much details happening in one wedding. We got to bring home the bomboniere which was a succulent plant. Its now sitting in our meeting room. love it!

More about the wedding, one of the highlight for us would definitely be the screening of the same day edit. They prepared a special treat for everyone to enjoy which is called the cinema under the stars. So they hired an inflatable projector screen for everyone to see outdoor with all the pretty decorated lights and pop corns, bean bags, cake pops and vintage lemonade bottles. Seriously! This was a bomb! We feel so honoured and humbled to present our work in such event.

So I think its quiet obvious that after hearing about all of these bells and whistles about the wedding, we got so excited and hence we flew another cinematographer from our team, Dave to come with me and Ferry to melbourne. So at first we were going to do a one song SDE but given the effort that everybody has put in to the presentation, we decided to use 2 songs and make the SDE a bit longer. We were really pressed for time but we finally made it through in the end. The SDE was successful but to be honest, I couldn't resist to alter it a little bit to make this final result. So this would not be the actual SDE played on the night but an upgraded version of it :P

Finally, thanks so much to Joshua and eileen for not only having us and trusting us but also inspiring us with your love and commitment. I mean it when I say that you guys are lovely and Godly people and I wish you all the blessings you can have in your life. Thanks also to joanie, gavin and team for their amazing effort and perfection to styling the wedding and communicating with us back and forth in regards to the details of the wedding. Love you guys and look forward to work with you again soon.

PS: special thanks to ejon for assisting us on the day, phodi and kiet for their support!

Santo {Paper Cranes}


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