A videopoem triptych-in-one, for 3 Howie Good poems (Blue Territory, Ghost Train, The Theory of Meaningful Coinicidence)
The poems come from the collection 'Dreaming in Red' (Right Hand Pointing Press, 2011) collected especially for the benefit of the Crisis Center (Birmingham Alabama)

The Crisis Center is a non-profit agency in Birmingham, Alabama offering suicide prevention, services to victims of sexual assault, day treatment for the indigent mentally ill, and other services.

Words: Howie Good
Concept, camera, editing, treats, voice & music: Swoon
Footage: Laboratory diagnosis of rabies (Prelinger Archives)
Thanks: Right Hand Pointing Press (sites.google.com/site/rhplanding/)
STRP 2011 (Jitsuro Mase, Arno Coenen, Edwin Van Der Heide, Marnix De Nijs)

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