It was a freezing night in the middle of December. We started to feel that we were going over similar ground with our recent trailers and, not wanting to suffer accusations of our repeating ourselves, we decided to just have some fun.

A nice, simple little idea. 100 people, 100 pillows, 2 5k lights, 1 generator, 1 smoke machine, 1 bucket of feathers, a NorthFace jacket and a 15 minute shooting window.

Honestly, it shot itself. We just asked people to have a laugh and keep themselves warm by attacking strangers.

Trailer Credits.

Director: Chris McGill
DOP: Tim Baxter
Edit: Tim Baxter
Sound Recordist: Spesh Maloney
Camera 1. Kris Vankay
Camera 2. Faye Thomas
Camera 3. Tim Baxter
Sound Design: Spesh Maloney
1st AD. Juliet McGill

With MANY THANKS to Lucy Bailey, the cast of Shrew, Zoe at the RSC, Anna, David, Rebecca and Natasha at the RSC.

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