"...Guess we're supposed to change the world... Come on, I want to show you something..."

Inspired by my TRON setup from last winter: it's The Barcelona Sessions III - Another window into our world. Just like the original Barcelona Sessions, or is it? If you are looking for more foot maneuvers and switch-ups, this game is not for you. There is more to blading than Five True Zoos...

It all began with 80mm race wheels to get around. Next came the birth of the new "Powerblading" lines from Kizer and Undercover. Add never-ending hills and perfect Barcelona concrete... before long we were cruising faster than cars on a regular basis.

"On the other side of the screen, it all looks so easy." - Once comfortable with the speeds, naturally, we befriended the machines.

We got in.

And now you can, too. Enter the grid: A first person POV ride through Note's last sessions in Barcelona.

...Proceed to games. Don't try this at home.


ps. Music by Daft Punk and The Crystal Method

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