I will present the 11.1 mix of Music from a Dry Cleaner at the DTS booth at CES 2012 in Vegas.
We shot some footage during the mixing session.

Surround mixing engineer Fred Maher and I opened up my original stereo mix into a larger surround mix.
Thanks to the many discrete channels available, we designed an audio space where all the elements can be heard in details. The listening experience that comes out of it is very unique.

In the next days I'll post more details about my presentation on my Facebook page on.fb.me/fbF6Fn
and Twitter @DiegoStocco

You can watch the full video with the original stereo mix here: vimeo.com/29273575
Pictures and more details about the sounds and techniques here: behance.net/gallery/Music-from-a-Dry-Cleaner/2161629

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