Twin Infinities was a group art show that opened on July 1st 2011 at Nomad Art Gallery in Los Angeles. Curated by Rich Jacobs and Sam James Velde, the impetus for the show was a performance by the band Coliseum. The show featured work by a massive amount of artists and musicians, some of which had never shown before. Rooted in community, friendship, and the general need to be creative, Twin Infinities showcased how it's possible to bring together vast differences in expression and still retain cohesion and approachability.

Originally the plan was just to film Coliseum, but once we realized that we were going to have all the tools to make a documentary about the entire show, the momentum pushed us forward. Watch fullscreen in HD. Hope you like it.

Director / Editor – Erik Denno
Director of Photography – Jason Farrell
Camera – Erik Denno & Jason Farrell
Music – Coliseum & Erik Denno

Shot on an 1 EX1, 1 7D, and 4 GoPros (Coliseum live footage and time lapse).

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