This was an animation class piece (using stop-motion) that was part of a larger project for Dr. David Soren of the University of Arizona's Classics Department.

Dr. Soren is working on a video documentary on the origins of the Roman Empire and the early iron age. This animation shows a cut-away view of the insides of an early iron-age smelter. A smelter furnace melts crude iron ore into usable iron. Bellows are used to heat burning charcoal or wood to a very high temperature which causes the iron in the ore to melt down and pool into an area to the side of the smelting furnace. Slag is the unusable side-product of this process.

The class was Animation I (ART306B) in the Fall of 2011. The class included the following students: Sara Welland, Katelyn Biben, Nick S. Diaz, Jacqueline Finn, Mike Hernandez, Kristin Howlett, Henry LaVoo, Charlie Makin, Joshua Meehan, Spenser Jordan Palmer, Chelsey Parmentier
Lindsey Paige Pittman, Daniel Roper, Jasmine Sang, Shandi Wagner, and Mark Wang.

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