Sama Słodycz based on Ireneusz Iredyński

Director: Justyna Kowalska
Music: Jacek Szymkiewicz
Stage designer: Joanna Ciepielewska

Maria Dąbrowska, Marta Szymkiewicz,
Marian Dworakowski, Tomasz Grygier,
Jacek Szymkiewicz

The performance awarded
at the 41th Small Theater Forms Festival “Kontrapunkt”


In 2006, the festival's Artistic Committee KONTRAPUNKT inaugurated a new annual series of theater workshops contest "Masters of the small forms - reinterpretations" for students and graduates of the Theater directing departments. Workshops were designed to create opportunities to the youngest generation of Polish directors to confront with a small classic dramatic literature forms, and thus - an attempt its interpretation. Meetings were organized in the form of a workshop of the competition, the awarded director received a grant and the possibility of implementing his performance.

The jury opted for the implementation of the performance of Sama Słodycz by Justyna Kowalska.

The opening of the performance took place in the Modernes Theater (Stettin)

Sama Słodycz is the directing debut of Justyna Kowalska.

The protagonists of the play are the sanatorium patients who are isolated from the surrounding world, and consequently they must arrange their own space and create a specific rules. New resident is joining the group patients - Sama Słodycz (Sweetness Itself). During the cruel act of initiation is exposed the true face of this mini-community. Here the world is a playground where are brutal rules based on the cruelty, violence and lies. The will of the group is the right. The adopted regulations applies to all. There is no possibility of resignation ...

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