Difflect is a project connecting print, spatial installation and software which makes it possible to experience print media in a digitally enhanced, interactive way. The setup consists of two cameras and a display which shows a mirror-like, abstract representation of the user. The system can be fed with content by putting a printed object in front of it. It will recognize the medium being consumed by the user and display digital content related to the printed information.

To introduce the system, four foldable printed objects describing the four classical elements can be chosen by the user. Each print object will show a digital representation of its element when put in front of the installation, allowing hands-on interaction to experience the characteristics and behaviour of the element.

The entire project was done in openFrameworks using the OpenNI library for Kinect support.

For more information, have a look here: andsynchrony.net/projects/difflect/

Music for the clip by Stefan Wagner

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