Garrett is an up and coming pole vaulter who has taken his mental game to the next level. I am bless to be able to work with such an amazing young athlete. He talks about using his mind to improve his practices and taking his pole vaulting to the next level.

He using his mental training to increase his performance, prepare his mind, create visualizations, and stay relaxed and focused as he jumps. These give him an extra edge as he becomes one of the best High School Vaulters in the country.

Every mental technique I teach is something I prove first. I love what I do and the people I work with. Every day is a new challenge. If we don't have the power of our minds we don't have much.

I am not a sports psychologist or a counselor but I have learned how to use the physical body to master the chemical body (emotional body) to over come our mental obstacles. In Garrett's case helping him to master his health and practices so he can be the best vaulter in the state, and soon to be in the country and possibly in the world.

Many elite athletes have used me to take their game to the next level because its not about talking its about action. The time or talk is over, it is now time to train our mind like we train our bodies. Consistent work will make you a mental champ!

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