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This might be one of the final little tests I do before I get back to what I'm supposed to be up to: writing!


GH2 + hack (Quantum V2)
30mb/s Sandisk Cards (14 minutes to each card)
Film Mode: Smooth -2 -2 -1 -2
ISOs: 400 and 800
Modes: Full, ETC, 2x Zoom
Lenses: Zeiss S16 Supespeed 8/T1.3 and 10-100/2 ( PL mount)

***Check the lower left hand corner, it indicates when the image is ETC, Full, or 2x Zoom.

The interesting discovery for me was that 2x Zoom mode isn't all that bad for internet video. It reminds me of Nikon D90 footage at worse, or HVX200/HPX170 footage. Not all the resolution in the world but it works.

ETC mode continues to impress, sharp as heck and plays so well with the S16 Zooms.

However, even with the portholing of the Full Frame mode I can tell that the cleanliness and resolution are tops with ETC mode OFF. That means I need to go and find some zooms before Xmas break to play with.

So many options in one tiny little package.

*** The Black Circle is called PORTHOLING: the S16 lenses do not cover the entire sensor, so when you use it without ETC mode (2.4x Sensor mode) or 2x Digital Zoom (Digital Zoom on Sensor) you'll see this. It's kinda neat, I think. Specialty shots.

I did shoot either 400 or 800 ISO, most of this is 400 ISO and a shutter of 1/40, and there's one shot of 1/30 shutter that I bet you can't pick out to save your life! Muaha.

As usual, 5DtoRGB and a Quick Grade in FCP. Magic Bullet Denoiser to reduce chroma noise only, there was no chroma smoothing, noise reduction, etc. I'm literally converting chroma noise to colorless noise or Luma noise which suits my tastes better.

GH2 is the cam that keeps on giving... I can't wait to give some full frame coverage love.

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