This is from the December 13, 2011 Q&A webinar for Make The Cut!

00:28 Demonstrate Use of “Thin Path” Feature (First Added in version 3.3); usually used to take font to a single path for rhinestone feature, pen work, embossing or engraving
07:56 Version 4.1 – now accepting “Open Path Fonts” OPF for use with pen work, engraving, rhinestones, embossing, etc. Anywhere you need a single line font
12:40 General Discussion about Open Path Fonts
17:00 Response Regarding Tools used to create Open Path Fonts; Discussion of Difference in True Type Fonts, Open Type Fonts, and Open Path Fonts – File extension of .opf is key to MTC recognizing Font as an Open Path Font
31:00 Demonstration of how to make a “Shaped Card” – used an apple shape to make an apple shaped card with pixel trace
39:19 Setting “Caret” (Cursor on Mat) size in MTC (default size is 1” height)
42:45 Brief Demonstration of Pixel Trace of black and white clipart or line art drawing
48:45 Andy suggests that instead of demoing basic skill Bryan share where to find “Resources” to help new users learn about these features.
49:45 Where to find the MTC Manual in 3 formats. Manual covers Zing specific in Chapters 1-3; Remaining Chapters pretty much a Make the Cut Users Manual. Great for Beginners
56:20 Finding Links to Past MTC Webinars on MTC Forum; 1st list is July 2011 through Present which are Vimeo Recordings; 2nd List – Older Videos from March 2010 – July 2011
57:38 Julie’s Written Tutorials and Information at MTC_Tuts @ Yahoo Groups – Written Tutorials from Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced
01:00:59 Downloading Vimeo Recordings; can play on computers, IPads, other tablets, Iphones and more (You have to Join, sign-in to be able to download)
01:02:30 Discussion of other Resources for MTC Tutorials, Videos, & More
01:05:28 1 NOTE of CAUTION Regarding Older Webinars, Tutorials, etc. some are done with older versions of MTC and some toolbars, screen icons, etc. have changed look or placement; nothing lost – just improved upon.
01:07:30 Discussion of Node Editing; suggest for beginners check out the earlier video of Andy demoing new features in MTC 4.0 (9/13/2011 Webinar)
01:09:00 On MTC Forum – MTC Updates Category – can see listings of what each update added/changed in MTC; See also 12/6/11 Webinar Video regarding making an image solid (no open path) by editing nodes
01:10:00 Demo of Basic Node Editing using a circle; difference in deleting node versus breaking a node
01:15:55 Demo of Node Editing on more complex shape with lots of line segments
01:20:44 Using the Eraser Tool in Node Editing (Note: when using make sure auto simplify is off [unchecked])
01:22:00 Repeat of Demo from 12/6/11 Webinar showing how to fix an SVG image that is not solid (has broken lines creating an open path but you can’t see it)
01:23:55 When selecting Bezier Tool or Draw Free Hand tool will show end points on an open path. Nodes are green.
01:25:20 ? about when you should turn power off to cutters while working but not actually cutting
01:28:25 General Zing ?s
01:28:25 Blade Origin and Laser light
01:33:30 Turning machine off when stops due to error
01:33:00 Gray rollers at back not moveable
01:34:30 When using Vinyl 12” or smaller use a mat to cut with
01:35:00 Print and Cut width maximum 13 7/8” and must have setting “just right” in your cutter to get that full width.
01:36:00 Discussion of Adding Fonts to MTC and Demo of loading Open Path Fonts
01:45:00 Prior version of MTC – fonts not installed in windows had to be reloaded each time you opened MTC. Changed in Version 4.1 – will now stay listed in MTC so long as its location has not been changed.
01:46:50 Uses of line drawing tools and knife – recommend seeing Andy’s Webinar showing new features of MTC (9/13/11 Webinar and others right after
01:47:50 2 tools to create lines; free hand line tool and Bezier tool (Bryan recommends using Bezier Tool to create straight lines)
01:50:20 Making curves with drawing tools
01:51:30 Moving a Whole line segment without curving
01:52:40 Eraser Tool
01:53:37 Knife Tool (Suggest seeing Webinar with “Homework” assignment on Font Cleanup – one of Webinars after Andy introduced MTC 4.0 with node editing; may be 9/13/11 or shortly thereafter)
01:56:40 Using Digitizing Pad (Wacom Tablet) with MTC Node Editing Tools
01:57:28 General Discussion of Settings for Cutting Mylar Stencil with Zing – Note: Each machine type is different – need to adjust pressure, speed, blade depth, multi-cut available or not, blade offset (depends upon type of blade used), etc.
02:10:49 Embossing on Cardstock
02:13:49 Print and Cut ?’s (Note: Bryan recommends always leaving in Landscape Mode for Print and Cut no matter which cutter using) Some General Discussion regarding 3 point registration, printing registration marks, etc.
02:18:30 Silhouette SD & Cameo with Optical Eye for Print and Cut – General Discussion
02:23:00 Using Black Cat for Print and Cut (Note: Must use KNK plug-in not the Black Cat for 3 point registration for Print and Cut with Cougar as Cougar plug-in was one of the first and hasn’t been updated for 3 point registration at this time)
02:35:20 Advantage of 3-point laser registration over the optical eye method
02:38:20 Calibration of Cutters – all are different – suggest finding videos and tutorials specific to your cutter. Also calibration differs depending upon tool being used. Pen, embossing tool, blades would all be different.
02:40:00 Opened to ?s not already answered
02:40:15 Double Print and Cut Registration Marks Showing on Silhouette SD (NOTE: was problem when users could add their own marks, no longer an option)
02:43:00 Can the Zing Plug-in Window be made bigger – put on wish list
02:44:30 IPAD App to use it with a Wacom Tablet. Have to search App store. There are apps to do vector drawing as well as use it as a remote desktop to run MTC on your computer. See threads on MTC Forum.
02:46:15 SVG Viewer for Vista
02:48:27 Hard Drive Brand Andy Recommends (Western Digital)
02:49:00 Selecting Lower Layers in an image that are “hidden” behind another

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