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We are a Bible centered group of believers in Sacramento, California, who desire to grow in the full knowledge of Jesus Christ without compromise to His Word. We believe, teach and practice all things that Jesus taught and that were practiced by the Church in the book of the Acts of the Apostles. Our ministry is geared to strengthen people who are walking with Christ by equipping them to reach the younger generations so that God will continue to have some mighty men and women to proclaim the good news of the Gospel.

In this third part, Pastor John speaks about the dark 400 year period known as the “time of the judges.” The leadership of the twelve tribes did not obey God’s command to eradicate all the people living in the Promised Land and were corrupted by the remaining heathens.

This resulted in a vicious cycle of the people sinning terribly and receiving hard judgments from God. They would repent as they suffered death and destruction from oppressors and God would forgive and deliver them.

This was followed by a time of obedience until the next generation rebelled and the cycle was repeated. Pastor John parallels how America is now in the same condition and the changes that need to happen.


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