ezCloth is a simulation and authoring tool well suited to Game character’s clothing especially. This production-proven software will greatly enhance productivity of game studios

1. Save Time and Money by enhanced productivity of Game studio
ezCloth Increases productivity more than 5 times averagely by saving the time compared to traditional key-animation method.
Benefits increase exponentially when more characters, cloths, actions are to be processed.

2. Quick and efficient way to animate flexible structures such as clothes, tree branches, hair wisps, etc.

3. User-friendly development environemnt -Provided with 3D Studio MAX Plug-in. -Supports MAX 2009~2012 -easy to use User Interface

4. Production-Proven -MMORPG Games (NCSoft, NEXON, SmileGate) -Neowiz Games, Logiworks, Altone(in testing)

5. Cloth-like mesh animation can be obtained through bone-chain simulation

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