Three of four years ago, I finally got up the nerve and set out for an "Over 40" male discussion group at NYC's Gay Community Center which I was attending weekly for a few years until I discovered I really had little in common with others my own age.
At that time, a biologically-born woman who was a very feminine lesbian but was very attracted to "trans-women" or "trans-lesbians"--those who were born biologically male & had legally changed their status to female--with or without completing sex-change surgery.
I was just beginning to break free of the tyranny of restricted male/female restrictive prohibitions so strongly enforced by society in 2008.
As some of my comments reveal, I was still suffering lingering effect of the DISEASE call machismo--bragging a bout wearing a dead "real man's pants" I'd inherited from my Mother's second husband--a retired Brigadier General who fought in WWII.
I was also just beginning to deal with my life-long misogyny--rooted in my experience of being born to a woman who hated all children, was very puritanical & had no maternal instincts & inverted-nipples which caused the two of us to bond in the normal way of mother & a suckling child.
I've gone from being a tgransphobic slightly-bisexual gay male to becoming an ardent champion of all gender non-conforming people of all stripes.
Through personal contact & very close relationships with both Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson, I because acutely aware as to how gender-non-conforming people of all sorts--including heterosexual-males who are delicate & sensitive--and heterosexual females who are tomboys or prefer masculine attire--are subjected to bullying from an early age in life & often the subject of vicious physical attacks from strangers and/or even estranged-from or disowned by their own families.
These past few years, I have discovered the wonderful world of being "above gender" & have even chosen the Radical Faieie nickname "ITSY".
Feel free to call me any of the following she/he/it, eunuch, intersex. As Marsha P Johnson used to say: "I may be crazy but that doesn't mean I am wrong."
I say: "Sticks & stones may break my bones, but a pronoun will never hurt me".
I don't care if you laugh with me or at me. As an "IT" who calls himself "ITSY", I'm going to do my best to make you separate sexual-orientation from gender---and most of all to make you realize there are as many "genders" as their are people -- and -- every individual has the right to be addressed by the pronoun of one's own choosing, to dress and behave in the way that best represents one's inner true self.
In challenging each viewer in this way, I hope to make each of you to reconsider the vicious male/female gender- apartheid that causes us to put labels on people instead of seeing them as individuals.

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