This is the promotional trailer for the original feature film "Duende: Suit of Lights". This trailer was shot over the course of two consecutive weekends in the late summer of 2011, and was created to showcase our vision for the feature-length film, which we then shot in the Summer of 2012.

Rather than explain and pitch our movie to interested backers, we decided to show them what the movie will "be like"- how it will look, sound, feel, and impress upon.

Of course, the fact that we were making this video to help us raise money for the project meant that we little funding to put towards the actual production of a promotional piece. We saw this as a great creative challenge, as well as a chance for us to work together as a team before the full production. So, we trekked out to the desert on two consecutive weekends, set up camp (literally, we camped off-the-grid near the rodeo arena you see in the trailer), and shot this.

Having just a few days to shoot, we moved quickly and took advantage of every hour of sunlight. Every morning we raced the rising sun to set-up our first shot and get everyone into wardrobe, and continued like this until the light faded. After each full day of shooting, we ate dinner by the light of a computer monitor while watching dailies, had some laughs, and got a few hours of sleep under the stars before going back at it. As is often the case with no-budget filmmaking, everyone wore many hats- from hauling equipment to washing dishes. This all proved to be a wellspring of motivation, as it not only gave us a chance to showcase and better understand the overall vision of the film, but it gave us a sense of how we work together as a filmmaking team.

This trailer is the product of that weekend, and while we are encouraged by the results, we are not content with stopping here. While we did create something tangible to show to potential investors as we continue our fundraising efforts, we also reinforced our desire to proceed with this project with new knowledge and insight into our process as well as the overall story, which continues to develop as new collaborators and information comes our way.

If you enjoy the trailer, please check out our website for lots of info about the production. Thanks for watching!

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