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In March 2011, the first footage ( from my non-profit IMAX film In Saturn's Rings went viral, resulting in 3.8 million hits and 1.3 million plays & media coverage in over 250 countries.

Some viewers expressed disbelief that the footage was created only from real photographs. Here are a few unfinished, work-in progress shots from the film. In these incomplete shots, it is much easier to see that only real photographs are being used. Much more work will be done on all these shots to improve them.

I'm creating the film on home-built computers running Adobe Photoshop & After Effects. Let me know if you'd like to help.

Work in Progress Shots

#1 “Earth to Moon” (from 50,000+ photographs)
#2 “Shuttle Flyover” (from 1,000+ photographs)
#3 “Ring Twirl” (from 10,000+ photographs)
#4 “Big Bang Test” (from 20,000,000+ photograph instances)

Master is 5.6k resolution (5600 x 4200 pixels) with all work done in 32-bit floating point color space to preserve
photographs from artifacts.

No 3D models, CGI or texture maps used!

Not-for-profit animated IMAX film in production by a single filmmaker. Visit the site to make a tax-deductible contribution to support the film.

Much thanks to everyone who has supported and contributed to this. This is the beginning, just a taste of incredible things to come.

This is still a work-in-progress and it's an art film, not a science film.

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