Introducing T-Factor (in the Swamp City).

This is our first project in Timelapse sequence (a Movie from photos). We started in July and finished in December 2011. Location is a capital City of Slovenia.

There are some 30 different locations in this area where we took the pictures, of course some of them were not included in this film. We also catched a qualifying football game for Euro 2012 on the new stadium between Slovenia and Estonia.

There are a lot of good Timelapse movies in Vimeo, but we wanted to do something more dramatic.

For the music credit goes to Epic Soul Factory;

The gear we used is Canon EOS 5D MK2 and Canon EOS 7D. Lense kit; Canon EF 16-35mm, Canon EF 28-105 mm, Canon EF-S 18-135mm and Sigma Telephoto 120-400mm DG OS HSM

Shots were edited, blured and stabilized in After Effects. We add some special effects and animations too.

Also special thanks to:

Ljubljana city stays beside swamp that is called Ljubljana Marshes or Ljubljansko Barje.

This almost 160 square kilometres large plain, originated some two million years ago through the sinking of an extensive area of the Ljubljana basin. Consequently, the local rivers deposited huge amounts of shingle and sediments there, virtually damming the Ljubljanica river where it joined the Sava and inundating the entire Barje basin at the same time. Some 6,000 years ago, the Barje lake dried up, leaving a marshy plain in its place. In its greater part, layers of peat were formed, in places even up to 9 metres thick.

Although this boggy area was in no way an ideal environment for people to settle there, numerous archaeological finds speak of the fact that the area of Ljubljansko Barje had been inhabited from the very Copper Age onwards. This was the time of the prominent pile dwellings as well as of highly developed, technologically advanced and with wider European environment linked cultures, whose pottery and copper artefacts still astonish the lovers of everything beautiful. You can find more here:

This place is a theatre. It`s inhabitants are actors. We all are actors. The future of the race is in our hands. Should we gamble?

Stay tuned.

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