Gordon Dryden is an 80-year New Zealander who has had an amazingly diverse career:

Newspaper reporter and sub-editor.
Radio broadcaster and talk-show host.
Television broadcaster.
Radio network founder.
Sporting commentator for both radio and TV.
Foreign correspondent.
Advertising creative director.
Public relations and marketing consultant.
Producer-anchor of 22 television programs on new methods of learning.
Co-author of the book, The Learning Revolution, which has been printed in 20 languages and sold 10 million copies in China alone.
Voracious reader (his current home library has at least 10,000 books). And (he says)
He frequently gets beaten at golf, bridge and chess.
His other hobby: entertaining visitors to New Zealand with some of the country’s great white wine

Gordon Dryden
Co-author and publisher: UNLIMITED: The new learning revolution and the seven keys to unlock it.
This TV-interview . . .

One of Gordon's own big achievements was to sell 10 million copies of his book, The Learning Revolution in China in seven months: a world record for a non-fiction book. How on earth did he achieve that?

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