Miquel Casaponsa / Abraham Hurtado / Kotomi Nishiwaki

Is an installation combining different approaches to observing the body and the environment by displacing them. Incorporating the micro and marco observations
Move here.. creates unique perceptions relating to the function of our way of thinking, (and) observing, (or) in contrast to being.
Extending individuals’ point of view; Our focus.
Extraction as a process to define or question observation.
Examining qualities beyond properties, attentively, each substance moment by moment.
Amplifying the acute, most often filtered

Install body: Kotomi Nishiwaki
Video: Abraham Hurtado
Sound: Miquel Casaponsa

Residence programs at Bains Connective (Brussels) and PACT Zollverein (Essen). Dec-2011

bains.be pact-zollverien.de

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