Learn about the Drums, drums, drums from Lots To Learn, our award-winning series of interactive, educational preschool videos and videos for toddlers, preschoolers, and young children. Approved and loved by parents, kids, caregivers and educators everywhere, Lots To Learn is an award-winning series of interactive, educational preschool DVDs and childrens videos. Lots To Learn is more than just fun for a preschooler our DVDs also provide physical activity and learning, creativity, music, dance, exercise, basic academic skills, and an opportunity for parents to share in their childs learning.

From Lots To Learn Vol. 4: Buster Loves Music

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Whats Inside:

Join your child on an exciting and entertaining exploration of the world of music! Your whole family will love learning about musical instruments, notes, and sounds. Sing along with a Kazoo! Make a Tuba sound. Discover the Piano, Drums, Trumpets, and Violins with your Preschooler. Songs, dancing, exercise, puzzles, fun and games. Give your Toddler a head-start, and come discover the world of Music with Buster, Gato and The Lots To Learn Kids!

* Count The Kazoos
* Loud and Soft
* Pequeno and Grande Violin
* Drums, Drums, Drums
* Musical Staff
* Lots To Learn Theater
* Change the Color
* The Trumpet
* The Alphabet, and much more!

What Parents Say:

"Excellent quality. My son is Down Syndrome so we are very particular about what he watches. I want it to all be quality learning. These DVD's are awesome. They teach with fun and keep his attention. He has started making hand motions with the children. Thanks so much." Ellis F

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