Teaser trailer for the upcoming occult/supernatural horror film "Bruja" written & Directed by Benjamin Pearce.

[Music in Video was preformed by the amazing Donovan]
"Season of the Witch"
Preformed by Donovan

Benjamin Pearce's

Set in 1979, Natalie Wright is a troubled teenage girl who is unable to get over the death of her parents, who were murdered in their house over a year ago. She lives with her two friends in an apartment across town from her old house. However, she slowly starts to become drawn to the house. After she goes and looks around in her old house, she discovers her parents were part of a coven of witches and were murdered by the notorious Warlock Stills, a witch hunter hired by witches to kill witches, after the parents murdered the powerful and infamous Sirena Quaid for using her powers for evil. Now the spirit of Sirena Quaid wants Natalie's soul so she can live again. However, not only does she have to save her soul, she has to save her life when the coven of Wiccan worshipers discover she knows about her parents and want her dead to keep the Covenant remaining a secret to the world.

Courtney Bergman- Natalie Wright
Brianne Varljen- Taylor Jenson
Tayler MacCready- Rachael Ward
Ashlyn Smilowitz- Zoe Dawn
Josh Boyer- Kyle Haze
Julie McBride- The Witch/ Sirena Quaid
Ajay Sea- Librarian
Josh Lockwood- Stalker
Matthew Pearce- Rodney Wright
Debbi Pearce- Christine Wright
Hunter Pataski- Warlock Stills
Stephanie Hand- Jodie Hills

Written & Directed by
Benjamin Pearce


"Hey You"
Pink Floyd

"School's Out"
Alice Cooper

"You Are Experienced"
Jimi Hendrix

"Helter Skelter"
The Beatles

"The Prodigal Sun"
The Black Angles

"El Paso"
Marty Robbins

"Witchy Woman"
The Eagles

"Suspicious Minds"
Elvis Presley

"The End of the World"
Skeeter Davis

Stevie Wonder

"My Generation"
The who

"Strange Brew"

"Somebody to Love"
Jefferson Airplane

"I got my Eye on You"
The Brian Jonestown Massacre

"Burn the Witch"
Queens of the Stone Age

(C) Copyright Benjamin Pearce's "Bruja" 2011-2013

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