New York city is the background for this a nostalgic and fast paced story about a character, a creator, who trough-out the video builds a machine heart that represents love. He fills this heart with super magnetic memory fields containing default memories (it is the problematic of one person, that represents many at the same time), only to have it burned at the end. Better kept than lived. "but I’m in love with you, want to stay in love with I’m going to live alone"

Talking a little about technicalities, we can say that no light bulb was turned on, no machine/gadget was plugged in. Everything was lit and came to life through projection mapping and the animations that where created for all scenes. Everything was shot with a 7D, and a gopro Hero.

The video was done in two months by two great friends, motion designer and animator Gabriel Pulecio aka who directed the piece and digital artist Lorena Kraus,

Special thanks to Ronald Molina.

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