This is an example of Extempore driving a distributed real-time physics simulation (Bullet) rendered across three machines. Two machines are driving the four 46 inch touch screens, (two screens per host), and a third machine is driving the two edge blended projectors "sitting on top".

Apart from the obvious rendering of the scene across three distributed machines there were three other important considerations for this test.

Firstly, the physics of the cubes needs to be synchronized between the three networked machines - or, in other words, each of the three machines needs to agree on what blocks are where at what time. Secondly touch interactions need to be shared between the machines (so the physics can stay sync'd). Finally all of this needs to happen in a timely manner so that the interactions feel responsive.

Unfortunately the mobile phone video is considerably slower than the 60fps we are getting in the lab. It's really silky smooth in the lab - trust me :)

Thanks to my QUT Cubelab colleague Joti Carrol for being the "added body" in this video.

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