Late fall fishing with streamers for Metolius Bull Trout.

You gotta love trout that eat flies the size of a bird.

Every fall I spend several days hucking large chunky flesh patterns and whitefish frauds to the native bulls. Although the bulls will gladly eat small nymphs all year, I'd rather Go Big or Go Home when it comes to bulls so I concentrate my fishing for this great native trout in the fall during the kokanee spawn.

Maligned for many years, bull trout have hung on despite misguided management of this apex predator.
For many years there were government-led extermination programs including bounties and poisoning. More recently, I have heard these fish referred to as "boot trout" by some. Yeah, they won't give you six cartwheels and your backing but is that why we fly fish. Healthy rivers with big wild meat-eating trout with fins the size of your hand. That's good enough for me.

Music: Smoke and Mirrors by RJD2
Thanks to Tom and Mike for assistance in this video.

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