"La Rat" is the second video single from the debut album by Dunedin, New Zealand pop-subversive trio Opposite Sex, released in NZ on Fishrider Records. You can listen to the album here: oppositesex.bandcamp.com/ or via iTunes here: itunes.apple.com/us/album/opposite-sex/id476474705

The album is also released in the UK on LP and CD by Fishrider Records (NZ) in association with Occultation Recordings (UK) occultation.co.uk - More info on the Fishrider website here: fishriderrecords.com/

A very friendly rat called Bruce is the star of this video, along with Lucy from the band. Bruce was supervised by his handler Philihp van Zilj. Bruce enjoys the company of humans and was treated with great care and paid with a large bag of rat food.

The footage of Bruce is cut with various bits of live footage of Opposite Sex from the Fishrider Records 5th birthday event and from rehearsals/ recording in their underground bunker.

The footage was shot on an Olympus EP-1 digital camera and a Sony Cybershot DSC TX10 digital camera and edited using Magix Movie Edit Pro 15 software.

“The new wave of New Zealand pop begins here....it’s remarkable, leaping from sea-sick waltzes and crunchy post-punk to ADD-pop (see the hyper opener “La Rat”)” 4 stars (out of 5) Uncut

“truly pure and slightly feral...You'll find yourself really touched by their dreamy, wonky lop-sided songs which have the original wild NZ spirit in spades” 5 stars (out of 5) Norman Records

“It’s all highly addictive, the sort of record that gets into your machine and refuses to budge… “La Rat” is two minutes of insidiously catchy indie pop, the sort of thing reputations were forged on in the ‘80s” Leicester Bangs webzine (UK)

“a wonderfully spontaneous album... Sitting somewhere between oddball pop and disjointed 1970s No Wave, the album...It’s a debut album that contains all the elements you desire...” 8/10 Kicking Against the Pricks

“...one of those amazing pieces of ragged art that must simply be heard to be believed...Get it.” 9/10 Popmatters.com

New release of the day: OPPOSITE SEX s/t CD (Fishrider), “the next wave of swoony Dunedin New Zealand pop.” WFMU Radio New Jersey

“off-kilter pop of the finest order” Dagger ‘zine (USA)

“A very promising band that has everything necessary, originality bursting from their fingertips and their first album has by far exceeded all expectations.” Band of the Day - Festivalrykten

"blending French ye-ye pop with classic ’77 artpunk, sugary sweet vocal delivery and tons of waltz. Truly a unique band with a sound completely their own" Art is the Enemy (Sweden)

“Opposite Sex is the most charming thing you've heard....We thank New Zealand for this gem.” Our Favourite (Sweden)

"Thirteen razor sharp power pop pieces, sounding simply great... A brilliant and odd record." Vital Weekly

“Opposite Sex...have synthesised the whole epic story of post-punk into one rather tousled album... It’s all done with the kind of nonchalance, jubilation and candour you’d expect from people their age.” Les Inrockuptibles

New Zealand
“possesses the vitality of music made outside of any established scene... The band chases the muse along undulating melodic paths, making pop music that is mercurial, naive, ambitious and unaffected... 13 utterly original tracks.” 4 stars (out of 5) Otago Daily Times

“weird and fantastic... Opposite Sex is one of the most infectious local debuts of recent years.” 8/10

“head-nodding, chanting strangeness – the same eerie shimmer that bands like Black Tambourine and The Raincoats achieved.” Volume #15

“Where pop and anti-pop collide... wonderfully curious and weird.” Cheese on Toast

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