Aid makes a difference to the lives of the poorest people around the world. It is a vital way to help to lift millions of people out of poverty. Because with healthy and educated people, poor countries can develop their economies and stand on their own two feet.

Some people argue that aid actually prevents countries from developing. Some people think that it should be stopped.

But thanks to money from rich country donors, in the last few years weve seen 1.4 million extra HIV positive people on life saving anti-retro viral drugs; 40 million children who never would have learned to read and write are now getting an education. Aid has helped to make these things happen.

If given correctly, aid can help to reduce corruption. The money can be spent in a way that empowers people in developing countries to speak up, tell their governments what they need and hold them accountable for how aid money is spent.

Want more info? Read Oxfam's latest report on aid:

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