Moses (Maimonides), Federico (García Lorca) and Muhammad (Ibn Tufail) 'talking' networked sculptures at BIACS3 Seville 2008-9. Each of these works in installation are comprised of sculpted, working PC housings, within which the software for simulating their conversation in colloquim, as well as the graphic software for image recognition, retrieval and 'mashup' on 22 flatscreens and 72 OLED (organic LED) screens in all is contained.
Many objects, of blown glass, silicon, bronze, wood, fabric and mixed media are incorporated or append these 3 scopic media scuplture.
In short, each sculpture is outfitted with scopes, mainly bird spotting scopes, small telescopes and monoculars. These scopes surveil a main 'talking' screen featured in each of the 3 media sculptures. The captured telescopic (screen detail) pictures look for pictures in a database culled from web2.0 andalusian blogger pictures. The scope pictures look for similar cyber-Andalusian pictures according to patten, faces, light and color, which are compiled into rhythmic, user-proportion-retaining and somewhat altered, haptic-appearing clips that play over the installations various recycled and used flatscreens simultaneously and endlessly.
As well each of the 3 scopic media sculptures has a more immediate and small-scale parallel scope-screen paired object: Moses embraces a MoonCam, a SmileCam and a DoubleCam; Federico, CrystalCam and LineCam, and Muhammad, GardenCam and PaintCam.

Philip Pocock, Jayoung Bang, JunJun Lee, Alex Wenger, Julian Finn, Linus Stolz, Lorenz Schwarz

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