Lilith Performance Studio presents a new large-scale performance by
The Icelandic Love Corporation (ISL)
Think less- Feel more
Performance: 1-4 December 2011
Duration: 1 hour
Participants: The Icelandic Love Corporation and 14 actors

“ - We feel that this performance will be of a great importance in these times of changes that need to be, more than ever, elastic, adjustable and transparent”.

The Icelandic Love Corporation

In a living web of nylon pantyhose the Icelandic Love Corporation creates a new singular visual experience that works on irrational levels of the thinking process. Lilith’s space is woven in and becomes the scene for the performance Think less- Feel more.

In one year, The Icelandic Love Corporation in collaboration with Lilith Performance Studio has produced something that they themselves describe as a giant 3-D painting in which a set of recognizable characters is in an uncontrollable system. The performance has its starting point in the visible and invisible contacts between people, control and lack of control, conflict, sensitivity and elasticity.

The audience is asked to dress in black and step in to the performance as a homogeneous group. Outside the entrance, they become locked inside an ocean container. Eventually the other door of the container opens and the audience is led into a classroom. A teacher is sitting at a desk and points at them, one at the time with her pointer. She orders them to put on black helmets and stand in a line. The audience is directed further in to the work and is divided to stand on opposite sides of the large 3-D painting. A shamanistic like ritual are performed by different characters; a stone man dragging heavy stones, a ball man dancing to he falls, Joseph Beuys tearing the Financial Times apart, a living sculpture posing on a pedestal, and seven nylon figures perform a choreographed dance that resembles synchronized swimming. Throughout the performance a woman pops popcorn behind a wall of old lace curtains. Once in a while she screams a horrifying cry.

The Icelandic Love Corporation (was formed in 1996 by Sigrún Hrólfsdóttir b. 1973, Jóní Jónsdóttir b. 1972 and Eirún Sigurðardóttir b. 1971) creates colorful and multifaceted art with a peculiar combination of urban irony and the seriousness of the desolated Icelandic lava fields. In works that touches on existential and political issues their artistic work is theatrically staged with a humorous angle, in a peculiar fusion of realism and surrealism.

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