A quick lesson in some basic color theory and the tools used for color correction inside After Effects using ColorGHear.

This revolutionary color correction system will appeal to long time AE users, as well as beginners. And users of node-based systems will find options that are very familiar to them.

Originally designed for use on the Panasonic GH series of HDSLRs, it is now optimized for use with all HDSLR cameras, as well as RED, Alexis, Phantom, and 35mm film scans. Canon 5D and 7D users will also find ColorGHear to be the ultimate means by which to make their footage leap off the screen.

(notes--- All footage in this demo was shot on an unhacked GH2, and treated with ColorGHear. It showcases different versions of footage captured by Final Cut Pro 7 at ProRes 422 HQ, ProRes444 using 5DtoRGB, and raw .mts files right off the camera)

Join the revolution! colorghear.com/store/

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