These are the original words from the transcription of Euripides, that presents to us Cadmo as the the discoverer of new lands to build on, and from which, thanks to the action of sowing teeth, the greek myth of the alphabet and of fonetic letters starts.

The installation wants to recreate the scene commonly attributed mythologically to the birth of writing and place it side by side with its direct evolution, the contemporary hypertext dimension.
The great change that writing is living, revolution characterized both by the profound diversity of reading and writing supports and by the method of building various alternative ans extremely quicks paths, with interconnections and dynamic and linked texts that constitute a thick cross-net of information.

The mythological relationship that ties the fantastic and reality to the same earth. Euripides tells us in fact of the sowing of Cadmo's teeth "fixing" what at the time was transmitted orally on to a paper support.

It is on this union that the installation develops:

a grill containing some earth accomodates and nourishes the luxuriant growth of the roots of the tooth-phonology and, specular, a surface in copper as a pure and a magnetic electrical conductor, accomodates inside a brief video that traces back the evolution of writing, starting from the twenty-four initial phenomes to the current hypertexts.

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