This short film was created for a class project. The assignment was:

"The journey should consist of at least the following:

* One protagonist figure
* A starting point
* An end point
* Motivation for the protagonist to journey from the starting point to the end point
* Two obstacles that the protagonist encounters and overcomes en route to the end point
In addition to the criteria listed above, successful videos will also display:

* Originality: thoughtfulness or imagination in the content and treatment
* Integrity: no part of the story lacks purpose in relation to the whole
* Clarity: no unintentional ambiguities in the story
* Resourcefulness: creative use of limited resources"

I wrote, story boarded, shot, acted, directed and edited this short film.
I used Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, Photoshop CS4, and After Effects CS4.
This was shot on both a Canon GL2 and a Panasonic PV GS400. An Audio Technica shotgun mic was used in the conversation scenes.


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