My first monome app!

It can be downloaded at my webpage:

Here's the info:

All in one setup incorporating many different modules/effects. For monome64 (and soon arc2).

2 sample/loopers with overdub, halfspeed, and reverse functionality.
Each with a sample slicer/dicer, granulator, pattern recorder, and MLR style buttons/display. Each looper can be put into 'lofi' mode to simulate the WTPA 8-bit sampler that inspired each module.

A series of realtime effects (stutter, pitch shift, lofi, filter, dirt, reverb, and chopper).

There is also a "reminder" row that circularly records all incoming audio and lets you play back any of it up to 10minutes in the past. (Great for real time sampling when you missed something awesome).

There is no quantization. And all the modules play really nicely together. You can start recording a loop while in slicing mode, or switch between grain/normal and start where you left off, or record every knob wiggle in the pattern recorder, or reverse while creating your original loop etc...

This patch is an ongoing project for me. It is currently in an alpha state as far as what I want, but each module is tested and working pretty solidly.

Things that will get added:
-Buffer analysis to dynamic preset creation (so depending on what you record into the loopers, it sets slice/grain/etc.. parameters intelligently).
-Concatenative synthesis (realtime grain replacement of incoming audio with audio from the buffers)
-Arc2 functionality. Arc stuff everywhere!

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