Shot across the outer suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia, this video was captured on a Canon 5D. With a next to nothing budget I operated with a small but efficient crew. I wanted this video to be like no other Music Video I've directed previously. The tone was inspired by the Australia Crime Drama Snowtown, which conveyed a tone of bleakness, raw emotion and confronting visuals.

This video is also about transformation. We meet a young woman down on her luck, she has almost given up on life due to the emotional baggage left behind by others. In a moment of rage she embarks on a journey of setting free the baggage that has weighed her down for so long which results in her becoming the beautiful woman she always was deep down.

As a director I like to shoot as fast as possible but when you have a small crew, a shoestring budget and bad weather it all makes for a slow shoot sometimes. We shot the young woman embarking on her journey for the first 1.5 days and for the other half we fired through the band performance piece and the young woman dumping her belongings on the pile. All in all I got what I wanted in the scheduled two days.

We came back for a handful of pick ups the week after where we shot the young woman transforming into an elegant version of her former self. Like all of my projects I worked damn hard to make sure my vision came to life and I wouldn't have been able to do it without my equally hard working crew.

Directed by Josef J. Weber (
Producer: Rebecca Elliott
Director of Photography: Vivyan Madigan
Focus Puller: Mike Tessari
Gaffer: Kirsty Stark
Production Designer: Cassie Sibbin
Standby Props: Pia West
Hair & Makeup: Bec Buratto
Editor: Dave Raftery
Colorist: Sam Matthews
Young Woman: Kate Cheel

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