"What if I told you that you were the strongest person in the world? Would you believe me? If I told you that at this very moment, right here and right now, you have the ability to be the strongest person the world has ever seen, would you think I was crazy? Most of you would be in disbelief, and say “nonsense, I can't lift a car, I can't run the fastest, I can't fight the best...” But that's exactly where we need new insight. For you see, none of that stuff matters. What you bench, what you weigh, how fast, how many titles... forget it. That is not true strength. Strength is cultivated in the mind and the heart, and when it is viewed as such, everyone has the ability to be the strongest in the world." - Robbie Burst

Brian "The Predator" Rogers
Jaimie Bernhardt
John "The Force" Foster

Executive Producers
Jason Dhir
Tad Teeters

Directed by
David Damen //

Words and Concept Written by
Robbie Burst

Written by
Levi Levy
David Damen //
Jason Dhir

Lighting Technician
Steve Steinmetz

Color Correction
Joshua Smith

Best Boy
Tony Bumgarner

Assistant Camera Operators
Tim Gmeiner
Tony Bumgarner

Sound Design
Tim "Ill Poetic" Gmeiner

Written and Performed by Tim "Ill Poetic" Gmeiner
Courtesy of VoiceOfRZN and SoundRZN
© SoundRZN 2012

Very Special Thanks
Perry High School
Anytime Fitness, Perry
PowerHouse Gym, Belden
SPC Crossfit, Akron
Zone Fitness, Columbus
Supzilla, Columbus
Doug Nicholson
Goldfinger !NK
Physis Films
Longship Entertainment

Link to original memoir by Robbie Burst

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