For bands, the studio is sanctuary. Liza sings between tales of camaraderie.

In this video, Liza and the band talk with Fortnight Creative Director Adam Nichols at Spaceman Sound, a recording studio located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn—across the East River from midtown Manhattan. In the great tradition of VH1, Fortnight asks Liza, Adam, Charlie, and Alec to talk about the process of writing and playing music in the new New York scene. There is no one way for music to be written, says the band—and sometimes, both paths and outcomes are a complete surprise.

Spaceman Sound records, mixes, and masters all music that requires natural and supernatural audio. Their space is a 500 square foot live room, especially well suited for big drum sounds and dense guitars associated with louder rock music. But the acoustic footprint of the space is flexible, offering realism and depth for more intimate folk and jazz based music. The three engineers, Alex, Patrick, and Tom, are Millennials, and like current practitioners of all fields, they stand on the shoulders of giants. In true Fortnight fashion, they'd like to give a nod to studios that have been formative. Steve Albini of Electrical Audio, Andrew Schneider of Translator Audio, and Kurt Ballou of Godcity Studios are three giants from whom they learned how to achieve a greater realism, dynamism, warmth, and power from the sound. Many thanks to those gentlemen for their consistent inspiration.

The Liza Colby Sound was founded in 2009 and includes guitarist Adam Roth, drummer Charlie Roth, and bassist Alec Morton. They list influences as various as The Small Faces, Curtis Mayfield, Tina Turner, Iggy Pop and "the Stones with a twist of Sly." Their debut album, High Yellow, was released in 2011.

Fortnight Journal: Edition III
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