CHASING RAINBOWS started off as a video diary during a desperate time, recording taboo subjects that are usually discussed in whispers if at all, suicidal ideation, child sexual abuse, dysfunctional families, rejection, betrayal, addiction and so on. I wanted to share the blood and guts stuff because I know I am not alone in visiting these dark places. At the same time, I wanted to express the beauty in my life and soul too, which for me is easiest demonstrated through dance. I would actually love to see a full ballet made on this tough theme. There is an epilogue to the dvd which is a more stable version of me having recovered from the acute trauma of a family court case that went wrong, with a paedophile getting off with a suspended sentence and no sex offender regristration, because the family of the victim, namely MY family misguidedly supported the paedophile and abandoned another generation of victims, my beautiful niece Louise.
A gifted young aspiring film editor got on board, after a first edit done by the very talented John Stewart. RUMER COOPER believed in the vision and worked with me tirelessly at no cost, and although it is not a subject she has first hand knowledge of, she immersed herself in the editing and did a splendid job....I am not sure if she is even 17 yet!! She is needless to say, in Film School and has a very bright future ahead of her.
Many friends lent photographs, backing music, clips and so on each and every one will be acknowledged and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I dedicate this to my niece Louise, a 3rd generation abuse survivor in my family, and the first one brave enough to go to court. A book of my life, good bad and ugly, is due to be released in 2012, of the same name CHASING RAINBOWS and will include a copy of this dvd. It has been 3 years in the making, and I did not want another year to end without at least starting to tell my story and share the path to HEALING and VICTORY. I GIVE THANKS TO JESUS, who mended my broken heart.
Dissociative Identity Disorder was the most recent of my diagnosis, I moved home 46 times, living in 7 countries on 3 continents. I had relationship after relationship, engaged twice, married and divorced, never yet finding the key to commitment, though I have been lucky enough to have loved and been loved many times. My 3 children and 2 grandchildren are my greatest life achievement and I love them with all my heart, and thank them for turning out great, sometimes DESPITE my issues and insanities! Without God I could not have raised them, or even stayed alive myself. I pray many who feel hopeless will draw hope from this dvd and my forthcoming book. Smile, JESUS LOVES YOU lol !!

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