My brother (Logan) and I had a good time making last years Christmas rap video, so we decided to make another. Hope ya like it.

Music from iPhone T-Pain App. Lyrics by Landon Thompson.

Verse 1
F to the E to the LIZ
Feliz navidad baby you know me
Flowin Christmas and this year I go
Latino with lo-go mi unico hermano

This year we bring latino all the way
Boarder can't control this spanish holiday
So strap on your boots the fiesta begins
And get ready to enjoy some authentic mexican

everybody - start to nod
everybody- join the squad
everybody- sip ya egg nawg
everybody- Feliz Navidad

FE (FE) LIZ (LIZ) navidad (feliz navidad), navidad (feliz navidad)
FE (FE) LIZ (LIZ) navidad (feliz navidad), navidad (feliz navidad)

Verse 2
Now we do Navidad and this is how we do it
We gonna party hard and this is how we move it
Runnin runnin house to house we lovin on some food and
We gonna eat it up and this is how spoon it

Livin loca is harder than it seems
Like wakin up stuck in a christmas dream
So I got it keep it comin all the coffee sugar cream
Because this little drummer's drummin and it makes me wanna sing

Verse 3
Now let me tell you bout a little boy named Steve
Who was kneelin by his bed praying on Christmas eve

He said, "Jesus I'd really wanna to see
Very many presents underneath the tree
And if you please grant the wish to me
I will never ever ever be a boy in need"

Well his dad overhear and went to talk to his son
Said "there's more important things then gettin gifts that you want
And I tell ya indeed
Aint no need to be in need
Because if you have Jesus
You have everything"

Verse 4
Woh, you just blew my mind
Are you tellin me this is your first time
To experience the brilliance of our fat rhymes
Well buckle up son it's christmas time

And NO you can't have my key lime
Don't you know it's my favorite pie!
But there's one thing that's your and mine
That's Christmas cheer so everybody shine

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