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  1. Transcendent Hope

    by Nathanael Rittichier

    416 Videos 108 Members

    No matter how darkly romantic or thrilling in the end we need a "Transcendent Hope." We need Inspiration!!! Allowing us filmmakers to communicate, bitch, Inspire and be inspired.…

  2. Midwest Filmmakers

    by Harry Locke IV

    3,716 Videos 539 Members

    A group dedicated to all you cinematic artists that either originate, or produce a bulk of your work in the Midwestern territories. Lets see what kind of cinematic magic is being pumped out of the…

  3. ion

    by Kurtis Hough

    1,380 Videos 341 Members

    ion = animated art join channel www.vimeo.com/ion

  4. Indy Filmmakers

    by Ryan Gibson

    2,212 Videos 632 Members

    If you have a passion for filmmaking and refuse to do things other than by your way then this is the group for you! Meet like-minded people here to view and discuss each other's videos and failures/successes. Cheers. Ryan…

  5. Your Best Video of the Year

    by Blake Whitman

    8,791 Videos 4,630 Members

    Pick your single *best* video of the year and add it to the group! :)


    by Spencer Keeton Cunningham

    5,018 Videos 2,244 Members

    Greetings to all independent documentary film makers. Thank you for adding your documentary films to this channel and making it one of the most comprehensive independent documentary film sources on…

  7. Film Independent (FIND)

    by Film Independent

    2,508 Videos 741 Members

    At Film Independent our mission is to champion the cause of independent film and support a community of artists who embody diversity, innovation, and uniqueness of vision. We achieve this by…

  8. Independent Filmmakers

    by Novelist Studios

    75.7K Videos 19.3K Members

    This group is designed to showcase and promote any independent features, shorts, trailers, tests etc.

  9. The Director of Photography

    by Kees Smans

    37.1K Videos 9,641 Members

    Show your production here. A showcase for you as a filmmaker. Art, shorts, promo’s, music videos , commercials , animation or even time laps. Talk about your gear, editing, sound, post…

  10. VINERBI HV20 Group

    by Alessio Vinerbi

    159 Videos 75 Members

    For all HV20 fans.....Techniques and postproduction 2D/3D and matchmoving\r\n\r\nPremiere \r\nAfter Effects\r\nFusion\r\nVegas\r\nMocha Motor Mokey\r\npIllusions and RealFlow\r\nBoujou, Syntheyes,PFTrack\r\n3DS…

  11. The Filmmaker Mafia

    by Craig Calamis

    64 Videos 42 Members

    This group is for any Independent filmmakers driven by passion who have made their dreams come true with little or no budget. "THE DRIFTER" is the feature-film debut of the group's…

  12. Filmmakers

    by Victor Peceno

    3,095 Videos 690 Members

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